Y2K4 International Live Looping Festival Santa Cruz - California - USA


On October 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th 50 live looping artists from several countries and all around the US performed at the largest event of its kind in history: the Y2K4 INTERNATIONAL LIVE LOOPING FESTIVAL in San Francisco and Santa Cruz, California. ETHERIC NETWORKS of Santa Cruz provided the internet connection to simulcast the entire two day main festival.

Featuring artists from as far away as Japan (Sunao Inami, Japan's most prominent live looper), Switzerland (promising newcomer, guitarist Bernhard Wagner), and Iceland (sound artist and instrument builder Kitundu) the festival featured the creme de la creme of this burgeoning international musical movement (there were 20 live looping festivals in 11 countries in the last 12 months and Looper's Delight (www.loopersdelight.com), the mecca website of the movement averages about 900'000 page views per month). There were also several proprietary live looping technologies that had their debut at this year's festival.

The live looping movement has no musical style or genre that defines it. Indeed, there were performances by solo guitarists, percussionists, multi-reed and brass musicians, vocalists, circuit bending artists, found sound artists, as well as avante garde electronic musicians. It is defined by the technology that allows the musicians to digitally clone themselves while playing live in front of an audience.

Along with headliner Sunao Inami (Kobe, Japan), the festival presented featured performers Michael Klobuchar (guitarist from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania), Bernhard Wagner (guitarist from Zurich, Switzerland), Ted Killian (guitarist from Medford, Oregon), and Kid Beyond (beat boxer from San Francisco, California), Kitundu (sound artist and instrument builder from Iceland).

The main festival occured on Saturday and Sunday the 9th and 10th in Santa Cruz where all 50 loopers performed on two stages with continuous music from noon to midnight but kicked off in Santa Cruz with a free concert on Friday night, October 8th with individual concert performances by Sunao Inami, Bernhard Wagner and Michael Klobuchar. The night before, the Inami/Walker/Wagner International Looping Trio (with festival organizer Rick Walker on found sound, percussion and electronics) performed at the prestigious new music venue, Luggage Store in San Francisco.

Rick says, "We have had really great festivals in the last few years here in Santa Cruz, but this event tops them all in its scope and the sheer number of musicians who played at it. It was wonderful to have the eyes of the whole international looping community on us for this weekend.

Headliner Sunao Inami and featured artist Bernhard Wagner were on air Oct. 9th 2004 at KZSC Radio 88.1FM, Santa Cruz discussing electronic music, live looping and the Y2K4 Live Looping Festival. (pictures).

There's a review of the festival by Cat Hebel of Santa Cruz Live.


WhatWhenWhereHow Much
Concert featuring Sunao Inami, Rick Walker, Bernhard Wagner. (Opening act: Serge Baghdassarians & Boris Baltschun)October 7th, 9:00-10:00 pm (Opening act: 8:00 pm)LUGGAGE STORE, 1007 Market St., San Francisco (mapquest, yahoo map), pictures by Sunao Inami and Michael Klobuchar, comment by Rick Walker. $6-10
Concert featuring 8:00 Michael Klobuchar (USA), 9:00 Bernhard Wagner (Switzerland), 10:00 Sunao Inami (Japan)October 8th, 8:00 pmQUESTION MARK GALLERY (in the Pearl Alley Bistro building), 1101 Pacific Ave., near Cathcart Street, across from the China Szechwan Restaurant in the new University Building, in the back facing the parking lot. (mapquest, yahoo map) pictures by Bernhard WagnerFree admission to the public, all ages welcome!
Festival: 50 live looping artists performed 30 minute sets on two stages without interruption.October 9th-10th, noon to midnightRESONANT CHURCH, 429 Pennsylvania ¼ block south of Soquel Avenue (mapquest, yahoo map) pictures of 9th and 10th by Sunao Inami, pictures of 10th by Bernhard Wagner $10 USD for each day with no one turned away for lack of funds.
Annual Looper's BrunchOctober 11th, 1:00 pmTHE CATALYST, 1011 Pacific Avenue (mapquest, yahoo map) Free except for price of brunch.

Confirmed Appearances

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Sat 9th, 08:00 PMSunao Inami 1Kobe, Japanlaptopambient,abstract,electro-acoustic1
Sat 9th, 07:00 PMRena JonesUSAcelloAmbient cello1
Sun 10th, 09:30 PMBill Walker & George PerrySanta Cruz, USA2
Sun 10th, 07:00 PMMichael Klobuchar 2Pittsburgh Pa., USAguitarmorph music1
Sat 9th, 10:00 PML()()p.p()()L (aka Rick Walker) 3Santa Cruz, USA``found sound/ live looping/ abstract electronica1
Sun 10th, 09:00 PMBrian Kenney FresnoFresno, USAWarr guitarpure genius1
Sat 9th, 04:30 PMMatt DavignonSan Francisco, USAdrum machineexperimental, ambient2
Sun 10th, 10:30 PMGeorge DemarestMassachusetts, USAtrumpet, wind synthtrance, trip-hop, acid jazz2
Sun 10th, 03:30 PMWarren Sirota 5New York, USANylon-string MIDI guitareclectic2
Sun 10th, 12:30 PMThe Ahl-i Nafs (D. Giovacchini & S. Sammel)Palo Alto, USAvoice, guitarambient, alt-country, blues2
Sat 9th, 10:30 PMAre Jay HoffmanCalifornia, USA2
Sat 9th, 11:00 PMMetaMan and the Integral KidCalifornia, USAJoe: Trumpet, Guitar, Bass, Loopaphone, Matt: Congas and other percussionhonkybeat1
Sat 9th, 04:00 PMNihil Communication (aka André Custodio)California, USAMicroModular Synthesizerdark, textural, polyrhythmic1
Sat 9th, 07:30 PMPhyll Smith (aka Dark Muse)California, USAethereal, avant garde, dark ambient2
Sat 9th, 02:00 PM<STANOSAUR>San Francisco, USAelectric guitarrock1
Sat 9th, 01:00 PMTrey DonovanCalifornia, USAChapman Stick, NS/Stick1
Sat 9th, 09:30 PMe oCalifornia, USA2
Sun 10th, 11:00 PMTimothy CroweCalifornia, USA1
Sat 9th, 10:00 PMJames Sidlo/Rick WalkerTexas, USARick:found sound/percussionRick:found sound/ live looping/ abstract electronica1
Sun 10th, 03:00 PMDr. Richard Zvonar & Bob RiceCalifornia, USA1
Sun 10th, 01:30 PMChris Cohn 4Santa Cruz, USA2
Sun 10th, 08:30 PMGary ReginaCalifornia, USA2
Sat 9th, 09:00 PMTed Killian 2Oregon, USA'77 Gibson RD Artistnot easy-listening1
Sat 9th, 03:30 PMCochlear ElectrolysisMinneapolis, USACircuit Bendingexperimental, ambient2
Sun 10th, 08:00 PMDaniel LewisSanta Cruz, USA1
Sun 10th, 02:00 PMPeter Chester and Rob CrossSanta Cruz, USACuisNart - home-made live music production softwaretriphop, electrofolk1
Sat 9th, 01:30 PMCraig McColloughSanta Cruz, USA2
Sun 10th, 04:00 PMMark HamburgScotts Valley, USAguitarsemi-ambient1
Sun 10th, 04:30 PMAlex StahlOakland, USADSP and electric contrabassmultivalent2
Sun 10th, 07:30 PMLarry CoopermanFresno, USAclassical and electric guitarcontemporary classical post modern2
Sat 9th, 08:30 PMArmatronixLos Osos, USA2
Sat 9th, 05:00 PMghost7Boston/Santa Cruz, USAbass guitarmelodic experimental1
Sun 10th, 10:00 PMWayne JacksonCalifornia, USA1
Sun 10th, 05:00 PMBernhard Wagner 2Zurich, Switzerlandguitarambient, funk, free improv1
Sun 10th, 02:30 PMAmar ChaudharySanta Cruz, USA2
Sat 9th, 12:30 PMKrispen HartungIdaho, USAacoustic guitarimprovisational, avant-garde, experimental2
Sat 9th, 03:00 PMKid Beyond 2San Francisco, USAvoicebeatboxing1
Sun 10th, 01:00 PMDaniel ThomasSanta Cruz, USA1
Sat 9th, 02:30 PMlx rudisSan Francisco, USADJ rigkinetic deconstructivist2
Sun 10th, 12:00 PMKitundu 2Iceland1
Sat 9th, 05:30 PMDINNER BREAK
Sun 10th, 05:30 PMDINNER BREAK
Sat 9th, 12:00 PMScott Khunga DrengsenUSAbass1
1: headliner
2: featured performer
3: festival organizer
4: official stage manager
5: world premiere of live-looping software MultiLoop Live from WS Designs


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