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Electric guitar

Co-founder and participator of various acts and ensembles whose major topics are:

Find some samples of sessions and loops here or on myspace.



As a software engineer I develop live electronic systems (Cycling' 74 Max/MSP, C++), some of which have been presented at international conferences (Ex Machina 1996, Essen, Germany; ICMC 1997, Thessaloniki, Greece; Klangart 1997, Osnabrück, Germany. For a full list see:

Documented how to program the Digitech PMC 10 Programmable Midi Controller via the PC's parallel port or USB on Apple Mac OS X.

Contributed software architecture to the Chopitch VST-plugin and loop software working in a team with Matthias Grob, Andy Butler, and Johannes Schmid.

I live and work in Zürich as a musician, workshop leader, freelance software engineer and lecturer in software engineering.




Regularly on Mondays, 20:30: solo as a supporting act for Nik Bärtsch's Ronin at EXIL, Zürich. I start playing at around 20:30 until Nik Bärtsch's Ronin start at approx. 21:15. In the short break after their first set and after their second set I play again.
Note: Please check Exil Website whether I'm actually playing.
July 3rd-7th, 2017; July 4th-8th, 2016: Teaching several workshops at guitarosa, including thelevi, shaker, wakah, one shot, metronome, loop techniques.
July 5th, 2012: Teaching rhythm workshop, including thelevi, shaker, wakah, and one shot at Jenseits im Viadukt.
April 7th, 2011 10:00-17:00: Teaching Masterclass about thelevi at Jazz School Lucerne.
December 12, 2010: Release of No Worn Bearings: Cooperation with Nick Robinson
November 5, 6, 7 2010: Gig at Designer's Saturday Langenthal using furniture and live looping.
February 2010: article Live Looping Guitar for the magazine Artists & Bands
Friday, Oct, 23rd, 2009 21:00 solo gig at Treibhaus Luzern as supporting act for Istaman at the launch concert of their brilliant CD "Hoover".
September, 19th, 2009 appearance at Belluard as part of the festival des 10 ans [anyma] (Photo)
June, 6th, 2009 solo gig at dimmidisi club as part of European loopfestival 2009 - "in Rome"
January, 2009 Mike Bearpark discusses pedaltone among other projects in an interview by Anil Prasad in the January 2009 issue of Guitar Player Magazine.
November 20th, 2008 gig at Theater Am Gleis, Winterthur.
August 22nd, 2008 solo gig at Nectarbar.
Starting August 18th, 2008 I regularly play solo as a supporting act for Nik Bärtsch's Ronin on Mondays at EXIL (formerly Bazillus Club), Zürich. I start playing at around 20:30 until Nik Bärtsch's Ronin start at approx. 21:30. In the short break after their first set I play again. It's a great honour for me!
August 13th, 2008 went online.
June 6th, 2008 solo gig at The 2. Berlin Livelooping Festival at Villa of 'Fragments of Urban Culture' Club, Landsberger Allee 54, Berlin.
October 7th, 2007 Matthias Knoll asked 15 questions for tokafi.
September 26th, 2007: pedaltone is proud to be featured on Burning Shed Sampler Three with a previously unreleased track "Goodbye Honeypot".
September 12th, 2007 21:00 gig at Kunstraum Walcheturm with [ a n y m a ] as part of "From Analog to Digital - #3 Microcontroller".
August 4th, 2007 15:00 - 16:00 solo gig at Werdinsel Openair. Short video clips of an audience member having fun at the gig: Video000.3gp , Video001.3gp. Thanks to Reto Bertani for shooting these! One more excerpt, also for the standalone player
May 10th, 2007 21:00: gig with Flo Kaufmann at r3s3t.
March 10th, 2007 20:20: gig at turbine theater as part of take 15.
February 9th, 2007 solo live looping gig at Norwich Arts Centre, nr Norwich UK
February 4th, 2007 gig at St.Mary's Church,Surlingham, nr Norwich UK as part of An Afternoon of 21st Century Guitar.
November 18th, 2006 20:20: Solo gig at turbine theater as part of take 15.
November 10th, 2006 21:00: Gig with Two Units at Jazzclub Uster. There's a press article (pdf, in German)
March 24th, 2006 21:00: Live Looping Gig with Sunao Inami at Kunstraum Walcheturm.
December 1st, 2005: Looper's Delight Compilation Volume 3 appeared. Per Boysen and I contributed Track 15 "I'll Be On That Hill"
October 9th, 2005 8:00 PM: Gig at E3 Playhouse, Santa Cruz, USA: Y2K5 International Live-Looping Festival.
October 7th, 2005 8:00 PM: Gig at Javacat Coffee, San Francisco, USA. Preliminary Concert for: Y2K5 International Live-Looping Festival.
October 5th, 2005 8:00 PM: Gig at Henry Miller Memorial Library, Big Sur, USA. Preliminary Concert for: Y2K5 International Live-Looping Festival.
August 25th-27th, 2005: in Zürich, Switzerland: Producer of the 1st International Loopfestival Zürich.
August 23rd, 2005: 1st solo CD The Fourth Night is out!
August 23rd, 2005: Cooperation with Michael Bearpark CD pedaltone is out!
July 15th, 2005: in Zürich, Switzerland: short presentation including concert for the 1st International Loopfestival Zürich.
July 13th, 2005: in Zürich, Switzerland: free promo event including concert for the 1st International Loopfestival Zürich at Kunstraum Walcheturm.
June, 28th 2005: Performance at Cabaret Voltaire, Zürich, Switzerland with dance members of former brachland and guests.
March, 19th and 20th 2005: Gig at former "Gantlokal", Zürich, Switzerland with brachland
January, 25th 2005: Gig at FIM Basel in Basel, Switzerland with brachland
January, 2nd 2005: Gig at environline/loop in Melbourne, Australia
December, 14th 2004: Gig at Make It Up in Melbourne, Australia with percussionist Joe Talia.
December, 11th 2004: Gig at Glitch Bar & Cinema in Melbourne, Australia
December, 3rd, 2004: Gig at Big Apple in Kobe, Japan with other improvisers: Hiroshi "GORI" Matsuda drums, Keizo Nobori tenor and soprano sax
November, 28th, 2004: Gig at Otoya in Kobe, Japan with Zoid Logue, Sumi Masayuki, and Aci, violin, and Masato Kawatani, guitar
November, 24th, 2004: Gig at Big Apple in Kobe, Japan with Gareth Whittok, James Sidlo, Sunao Inami, and Bun Ito
November, 23rd, 2004: Gig at Cocoroom in Osaka, Japan
November, 22nd, 2004: Gig at Collage in Kyoto, Japan
November, 21st, 2004: Looper's Delight J in Kobe, Japan
October, 9th-10th, 2004: Y2K4 Live-Looping Festival, Santa Cruz
October, 8th, 2004: Question Mark Gallery, Santa Cruz
October, 7th, 2004: Luggage Store San Francisco as International Live Looping Trio. There's a CD available documenting this event.
September, 18th, 2004: Gig: Live-Looping Duo Conveyor Belt in Zürich, Switzerland. Details
July, 28th - August, 4th 2004: attended Norberg Festival, jammed on the open stage with Per Boysen. Recorded the first 30 minutes of our CD with Per in Stockholm. What a treat! Thank you, Per! (An excerpt of this jam was published on LDCD3)
July, 4th, 2004: contributed drone to The Shipbuilders' Dronezone.
June, 26th, 2004: performed at Cambridge Loopfest. Had a beautiful jam with Michael Bearpark. Documented on CD on the label burningshed.
Loopstock 2004 May 1st, 2004: performed at thrilling Loopstock
February 2004: I was lucky enough to spend a splendid month in Salvador de Bahia with Matthias Grob. We were working on a VST plugin software architecture and jammed with most of his friends ( Bira Reis and Giba Conceição among them) to my heart's content. Thanks a lot, Matthias, it was AWE-some!!



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